In our fleet, there are 2 airplanes, type Cessna 560 KSLS+

The XLS+ fuselage is sized to minimize drag while offering passenger comfort and flexibility for a variety of interior arrangements. 

The cabin is separated from the flight compartment by the storage cabinet and refreshment center.

All passenger seats are equipped with seat belts, shoulder harness straps with inertia reel, and an overwater life vest stored in the seat base shroud.

The basic idea of our company

The basic idea of our company

is to provide high quality air transport to all destinations across Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Western Asia, at any time.

The Cessna Citation XLS+ is a modern and safely equipped aircraft designed for your business and private travel. The cabin accommodates a crew of two and up to twelve passengers. Space for baggage is provided in the cabin and tail cone.

Cessna 560XL Citation
Crew 2
Passengers max. 12
Propulsion 2  Turbofan Engines
Engine Model PW545B
Engine Power (each) 18,2 kN
Speed 815 km/h
Mmo (max. Mach) Mach 0.75
Service Ceiling 13.716 m
Cessna 560XL Citation
Range 3.441 km
Empty Weight 5.402 kg
max. Takeoff Weight 9.163 kg
Wing Span 17,17 m
Wing Area 34,5 m²
Length 16,00 m
Height 5,23 m
Initially we start with only one aircraft, Cessna C560 XLS+, but very quickly our fleet expended for one more new aircraft, Cessna C560 XLS+, and two helicopters, Augusta 109SP and Robinson R44 II.
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